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We’re happy to show the collection development for Riley + Ro.
Capsule collections, unique sizing, fighting fast fashion and the understanding that women’s bodies are always changing.


Riley + Ro



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Collection Development

Inspired by the desire to simplify life, the founder of Riley + Ro took to creating a capsule closet for herself. In the process, found that a lot of clothing wasn’t made to last, plus the clothing meant for women, wasn’t exactly made for her body, and she wasn’t alone. She decided to change that.

The collection development was created with these values in mind, where all products have details that adapt to all bodies. Timeless products with a neutral color palette. Emily, the founder of Riley + Ro, is deeply concerned about the environment, which has influenced in every decision, particularly in terms of fabric selection. Each fabric choice reflects not only a dedication to quality but also a conscious effort to minimize the environmental footprint of the brand.


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