Nítido is a textile and furniture production agency created by partners Cláudia and Filipe as a way to bring new and innovative ideas and products to the market.

We are a young company filled with fresh minds that are eager to create a new way of doing business that is more personal, transparent and efficient.

We value the Portuguese heritage of textile and furniture production and we work with the best and most experienced suppliers in the business to make sure that everything we produce is always on point.

Filipe / Co-Founder

Cláudia / Co-Founder

Irene / Quality Control

Manuel / Quality Control

Ana / Fashion Designer

Lisandra / Project Manager

Our Values 

We pride ourselves on building transparent and close relationships with our clients. Every project is a team effort for us and we make sure that everyone can see the whole picture with clarity at all times. Ethics and transparency are part of each step we take.

We unite the experience of producers that have over 20 years of activity with our fresh and innovative mindset to guarantee the best merger of tradition and modernity in everything we do. We deliver our wide selection of products with the utmost focus on quality, timeliness and a view toward constant evolution.

We believe the future is being built today. We are committed to always look for the most sustainable solutions to every action we undertake. Every innovation we pursue is an eco-efficient one.

What drives us?

Connecting international brands with the best of “made in Portugal”.

What we aim for?

We strive to bring the innovation and constant evolution of the Portuguese industry to the way we do business and build relationships.

NÍTIDO has one local office with dedicated
team members ready to support your needs, globally.

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