Made in Portugal

We are Portuguese and proud!

Being able to continue the tradition and mastery of Portuguese textiles and furniture and bringing it to new markets is what moves us.

Portugal is known for its rich history in textile production, but it is also the place for innovation. In recent decades, its producers have received many national and European incentives that have allowed the industry to reinvent itself and become one of the most modernized and technologically advanced in the world.

Made in Portugal” is now not only a symbol of tradition, but also of consistent quality and sustainable innovation.

Having your production in Portugal means:

  • Modern and efficient techniques
  • Unparalleled mastery and quality control
  • Ethical labor and a highly qualified workforce
  • Sustainable practices reinforced by the European Union
  • Use of high-quality and sustainable textiles
  • Cost-efficiency
  • Strategic location to reach European markets
  • Favorable trade policies within the European Union


NÍTIDO has one local office with dedicated
team members ready to support your needs, globally.

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